24 Best Alpaca & Llama Print Leggings


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alpaca llama leggings

Alpacas and Llamas are closely related animals that are often confused, mixed up, or simply viewed to be exactly the same. While the two have some distinct physical differences when reviewed properly, they are both members of the camel family and can successfully cross-breed.

In the modern market, however, those differences don’t really matter. Alpacas and Llamas have become a popular accessory, ranging from llama-shaped candle holders to alpaca-adorned t-shirts, llama-shaped cookie cutters, and even the immensely popular alpaca farms that welcome guests to pet, feed and walk their animals.

In a world where these majestic creatures have become the latest fashionable accompaniment to your accessories, outfit or Instagram account, these 24 alpaca / llama print leggings are sure to stand out in the gym, on the streets, or wherever you choose to go.

Mandala Llama Printed Leggings

1. Mandala Llama Printed Leggings

If you ask us, the Mandala Llama print on these leggings embraces the origin of the animal through the use of colour, structural design, and the crazy busy print. Llamas are thought to have originated on the central plains of North America around 40 million years ago, and the combination of oranges and yellows and greens and blues on these leggings pulls the vibrancy of North America together to celebrate the Llama.

The Llama design itself is masked by the distinct colours and architecture lines that run up and down the entire leggings, though on close inspection you’ll note the large llama faces and wide eyes printed across the design.

Best paired with a plain top, these leggings are stretchy and comfortable and provide a full coverage across all activities – whether you’re a gym bunny or more of a relaxed llama.

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Galaxy Llama Print Leggings

2. Galaxy Llama Print Leggings

Llamas in space – something that, in today’s climate with public space travel seemingly on its way to the market, could well be only a few years away. For the time being though, we’re content to just enjoy the fantastical print that adorns these leggings.

One of the best parts of the Galaxy Llama print is the attention to detail, with each llama wearing its own space helmet and slowly spinning outwards with the loss of gravity. A clever design which provides the colour – and weightless vibes – that will make your long runs and training routines easier all round!

With a fitted waistband and tight fit, these leggings are perfect for any activity and create the slimline shape to make your legs look great – so you won’t mind all the close-up gazes of people marvelling over the unique print!

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3. Ethnic Llama Print Leggings

These leggings rather play on the family group that llamas belong to, with the ethnic print and range of colours reminding us of distinctly Asian influences and celebrations. Asia – the home of the camel – has become an increasingly popular influence on design around the world, particularly when it comes to the repetitive patterns and cultural references that adorn many items of clothing today.

One of our favourite things about these leggings is the colouring and tie-dye effect which not only throws us right back to beloved 90’s vibes, but also provides a deep enough colour around the top of the leggings to let us feel secure and well-covered – even in the middle of a deep squat or lunge!

Plus, the pom-poms that have been draped over the Llamas are ornately designed and super cute.

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4. Dalai Llama Print Leggings

These ones are interesting due primarily to the fact that the llama featured is an actual photo of a real-life llama. Talk about mind-boggling design choices! The llama image is printed on the side of the leggings, so from the front you get a side eye view of each llama head – enrobed in Dalai Llama style red robes and the words “Dalai Llama” printed underneath (should you be in any confusion about who the image represents!)

The rest of the leggings incorporate a vibrant and eye-catching design focussed on ethnic shapes and detailed visuals – all decorated with Summery shades that will create the perfect transition from Winter to Summer. The stretchable fabric ensures these leggings are perfect for active lifestyles, while recent reviews have made particular reference to the soft fabric that is cosy but also

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Flowers Llama Printed Leggings

5. Flowers & Llama Printed Leggings

These leggings are designed for the girly girls among us, embracing feminine pinks with a consistent rose pattern and flower-crown-wearing llamas. Again, choosing to feature just one llama selfie close-up on each leg, from the front the design shows only one side of the llamas’ face – meaning that passers-by will only catch a glimpse of the full llama as you jog past.

And you can rest assured that, despite the pale colouring of the leggings, the fabric provides full coverage from run to squat or every day wear. The pastel colours on these floral leggings are best paired with bolder colours for a stand-out look, or can be toned down with whites and other pastel shades to bring out a more Spring/Summer feel.

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Alpaca Print Leggings

6. Alpaca Print Leggings

One of the best features of these leggings is the vertical lines that run down the length of both legs, enhancing your shape and creating the illusion of longer legs.

The Aztec patterning down the sides is eye-catching and vibrant, bringing some personality into your outfit, while the alpacas down the centre juxtapose perfectly with the pale pink background. We particularly love the different accessories and scarves being worn by each of the alpacas, giving each a unique style – much like you have when you wear these leggings!

Ideal for sportswear or casual wear, pair these overtly patterned leggings with a plain t-shirt or jumper to showcase a stylish one-of-a-kind look.

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Flying Llamacorns Leggings

7. Flying Llamacorns Leggings

As if llamas weren’t enough, these llamas – like mythical favourite Pegasus – can fly, thanks to their soft white wings and unicorn horns (and probably a little bit of pixie dust)

For those who love fantasy, these leggings have created a hybrid creature that captures the best of magic and the finest in llama style, all overset on a striped background that fuses together two of our favourite colours – blue and pink. (Whether or not they are implying these leggings are perfect for both boys and girls with these colour choices, is up to you!)

Soft to the touch and made using the finest in sturdy yet breathable fabric, these leggings look great in the gym or on the streets and will let you FLY through your workout.

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8. Drama Llama Leggings

How many times have you heard someone being called a ‘Drama Llama’? One of the most inoffensive and entertaining new insults in recent years, drama llama is a great play on words that encompasses and pokes fun of the relaxed nature of llamas – by completely turning it on its head. And that’s what these leggings do, too.

With modern iconic symbols and logos adorning the majority of the design, the single llama down the left leg embodies everything we associate with “drama queens”, making these leggings the perfect statement for the drama queen in your life.

Partnered with the comfort and stretchable fabric that makes these leggings ideal for all occasions, the drama llama leggings are top of our gift list for 2020!

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9. No Probllama Leggings

Another play on words makes these leggings both stylish and entertaining. You’ll soon find eyes drawn to your glorious legs as the speech bubbles and remarks dotted around these leggings create a point of interest, alongside the llamas themselves with their sunglasses, fluffy heads and big grins.

The colours in particular are different to many of the fantastical pastel shades we see across many of the items often associated with llamas and alpacas, and the fitted waist ensures the leggings will stay put and keep your stomach taut throughout the duration of your exercise, day out, or comfy night on the sofa.

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10. Purple Drama Llama Leggings

We all know someone who just loves purple, don’t we? These leggings celebrate it all – the popular Aztec patterning, llamas in sunglasses, and purple.

The llamas themselves features in a strip down the outside of each leg, creating the illusion of those longer legs we all love, as well as adding a little fun and personality every time you walk past someone.

After all, you may not look down at your legs all the time, but everyone you walk past will certainly appreciate the fun design. As a colour, purple combines the calmness of blue with the fierce energy of red, meaning you can approach each and every workout wearing these leggings, knowing you can bring ambition, power and pride to your whole routine.

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Llama Rama Leggings

11. Llama Rama Leggings

These leggings combine two such different styles that it’s almost like someone has picked the best of two designs and simply thrown them together. The colours used are airy and light, while the llamas wearing sombreros create a celebration with every step – and the bunting is just an added bonus.

Add that to the Aztec and other-worldly print below, and you’ve got yourself some eye-catching and entirely unique leggings. Pair these leggings with a white t-shirt and pale denim jacket for a great Spring time vibe – and join the sombrero-wearing llamas for some summer partying.

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12. Llamacorn Leggings

If you look closely, you’ll see that not only do these leggings encompass hearts and clouds and ribbons and bows; they also feature a hybrid llama/unicorn who appears to be encased in a cupcake case. All this under the statement banner ‘Llamacorn’.

Of course, these leggings scream of everything we loved as kids, featuring unicorns and rainbows and cupcakes and lollies, and if nothing else will certainly make you smile as you put them on.

You never know, maybe the cupcakes and ice creams will even help motivate you to hit your next goal during your gym workout… On a practical level, these leggings are both soft and smooth, with the ‘one size fits all’ design ensuring comfort and flexibility for all shapes and sizes.

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13. Spit Happens Leggings

One of the most comic things about going to visit or pet llamas or alpacas, is their tendency to spit, and if you’ve been drawn into one of the many llama farms popping up around the country, you’ll know what we mean.

These leggings embrace the entertaining reaction of these animals with an outlandish yellow design and eye-catching slogan “Spit Happens”. Pair that with the cartoon llama on the left-hand leg and you’ll be catching glances and double takes all over the place – but only from those on your left-hand side.

After all, from the right-hand side, all you’re wearing is a plain yellow pair of leggings. Pair these leggings with a cheeky slogan t-shirt or brightly coloured jumper to create a real statement when you’re out and about.

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14. Llamaste Leggings

When compared with some of their brightly coloured counterparts, these leggings are a great deal more relaxing – creating an instant nod to the “namaste” comparison. Of course, they wouldn’t be llama legging without a ply on words, and the “Llamaste” slogan sits perfectly above a zen-looking cartoon llama in the middle of a yoga pose or meditation.

Besides that, these are actually pretty regular-look leggings, with a detailed pattern depicted in quite understated and relaxing colours. We particularly like the aesthetically pleasing designs that match up on both legs, and the waist band that sits perfectly above your hips to ensure full coverage and sculpting throughout wear – with no bagginess around the legs!

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Zigzag No Probllama Leggings

15. Zigzag No Probllama Leggings

Zig zags create the illusion of being consistent and aesthetically uniform, yet also disjointed and random, and have become a staple in popular patterning since the late 17th century.

What makes these leggings particularly unique is the llama on the left leg and text above using a play on words – “no probLLAMA” – as well as the hand drawn appearance of the zig zags which are loosely coloured in pastel shades ranging from lilac to turquoise.

The colours are particularly summery, with the breathable fit of these leggings making them the perfect item of clothing for your relaxed summer wardrobe. Add to these leggings a loose-fitting t-shirt and large statement trainers for an easy stylish outfit.

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Llama Haters Leggings

16. Llama Haters Leggings

If you dress to stand out, then these are the leggings for you. Fusing together the fantastical neon palette of colours, with a decorated photo of a llama on each leg; and drawing on the popular slogan “Haters Gonna Hate”, these leggings were designed to catch the eye, and create a real talking point wherever you wear them – from the gym to the dance floor.

One of the best things about these leggings is the rainbow of colours used, meaning you could pair them with pretty much any coloured top and it would create the perfect contrast.

Add to that the rose-tinted glasses worn by the llamas on each leg, and you’ve got yourself the perfect pair of leggings.

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17. Geometric Llama Leggings

When it comes to our wide selection of llama print leggings, this pair feature at the bottom end of the “llama-presence” scale.

Featuring only a few lines of relatively small llamas, it can be easy to lose the animal prints within the vast variety of patterns shown on these leggings – and yet that almost adds to the charm and style.

The other patterns featured compliment and yet juxtapose each other gracefully, with a selection of colours that would be fitting for all seasons and all locations – from gym to club. Made using a flexible fabric made with 11% spandex, these leggings are ideal for use in the gym, from cardio to yoga and beyond.

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Llamazing Leggings

18. Llamazing Leggings

The first thing you notice with these leggings is the overly cute and fluffy cartoon llama at the base of each leg – and how his wide eyes follow you from every angle.

The colours featured on these leggings are feminine and emit a real sense of girl power that makes them perfect for your next gym session; particularly with the slogan “You are Llamazing” emblazoned down each leg.

The one size fits all design of these leggings, paired with the 11% Spandex fabric, creates a legging that fits your leg perfectly, with no risk that the leggings will fall down or move during your workout. Say goodbye to chafing and HELLO to amazing!

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Llama And Cactus Leggings

19. Llama And Cactus Leggings

These leggings bring together two of the most popular contemporary design accessories of the moment – llamas, and plants. As we move further into 2020, indoor plants are on the rise, and the list inevitably includes cacti – the main feature of these leggings.

With the print covering both legs from waist to ankle, this pair of leggings will certainly stand out; though the muted pink colour and delicate detail of the images can quite easily blend in should you choose to dress down.

Made from polyester and spandex, these leggings were designed to last; retaining their shape and elasticity even after multiple wears and a countless cycles through the wash.

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Disguised Llamas Leggings

20. Disguised Llama Leggings

With a distinct chequered pattern on display at first glance, these llamas are well disguised among the regular square print; allowing you to embrace your love of llamas in an air of mystery.

The pastel colour of these leggings’ pairs well with a light t-shirt for summer or a dark jumper for winter, and will suit all manner of personal styles.

With a flattering fit for all body shapes, the waistline of the leggings sits tightly to ensure comfort and security, while the flexible material provides full coverage so you can rest assured your dignity is preserved – even in the middle of a deep squat or lunge.

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Dapper Llama Leggings

21. Dapper Llama Leggings

An acquired style for only the most dapper of dressers, this llama is not taking any nonsense. Dressed in a smart waistcoat with an eyeglass in place, the llama on each leg exudes a sense of formality that both entertains and lets you stand out with every step.

Quite apart from many of the other styles available, these leggings are quite dark in design and so work well with a brighter top or t-shirt.

Pair these leggings with a bright neon pair of trainers to create a real statement – and be prepared for plenty of comments when people realise just what is decorating your legs!

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Rambo Llama Leggings

22. Rambo Llama Leggings

The idea of camouflage wear is to blend in – and while these leggings take on the structural design of a traditional camouflage pattern, the colours do anything but blend in. The bright colours featured in these leggings remain solid and vibrant even when worn, thanks to a thick durable fabric that retains its design even when stretched.

Of course, the focal point of the Rambo Llama leggings is the Rambo llama on each leg, with a scarf tied around his head to show that he means business – just like you do when you next enter the gym wearing these leggings!

The large printed design is distinct and colourful; a look that can only be pulled off by the boldest of wearers. Are you up for the challenge?

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Galaxy Rainbow Llama Leggings

23. Galaxy Rainbow Llama Leggings

We like to think that this design was created specially for those who completed the Mario Kart rainbow roads back in the early 2000’s; with its tribute to the iconic route stretching across both legs in multiple directions.

Llamas, though real-life animals, are typically regarded in quite a fantastical way, and these leggings are nothing if not true to that assumption – with the llamas themselves standing on clouds high in the sky; surrounded by rainbows.

We particularly like these leggings for the gym because of the flexible fabric and the way that the design allows us to believe that anything is possible. New PB? In these leggings… easy!

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24. Funny Llama Leggings

The small print designs that cover these leggings will earn you second glances and close ups galore, if you head out in these funny llama leggings.

The llama itself almost seems to blend in amongst the various rainbows and plant life that cover these leggings, and yet still he stands out with his coloured scarf and sunglasses.

With full coverage and flexible fabric, these leggings allow you to display the playful and more random side of your personality, and can be paired with everything from gym wear to a denim jacket and heels for a day out.

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