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Bring some fun to your fitness regime with our collection of funky patterned gym leggings. Super colourful, super comfy and super affordable!

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Buying the Best Funky Gym Leggings in 2021 - What You Need to Know

If you enjoy going to the gym to work out or spend your free time exercising on your own, you’ll know the stress of choosing what to wear. We search long and hard for the perfect balance of comfort, style and support, and are met with far too many options. From sweatpants to tracksuits, shorts, and yoga pants – it can be a little overwhelming.

Consider a pair of funky gym leggings, instead of the usual uninteresting apparel. They’ll provide you with the security of typical exercise wear, with the addition of fun patterns and colours to give you a little extra pep in your step.

What Are Funky Gym Leggings?

To put it simply, they’re leggings designed for the gym that are, well, funky! Gym leggings are more supportive than everyday wear leggings and tend to be more comfortable. This allows the wearer to stretch and squat with ease, whilst supporting the body’s joints and muscles and… droopier bits.

Funky gym leggings will also provide you with more colourful coverage than basic leggings would. They’re made of thicker material to allow you to bend and reach without showing everyone your underwear. The moisture-wicking material that gym leggings are made of will prevent embarrassing sweat patches and that awful damp feeling in your knee crevasses.

What Styles of Funky Gym Leggings Are Available?

The beauty of funky clothing is that the possibilities are endless. A quick search will present you with more patterns, prints, and colours than you could have ever imagined. To save you the overwhelming trouble here are just a few of the options available.

Cropped / Capri

Cropped leggings, also known as Capri leggings, are cropped just below the knee. They work great as gym leggings by preventing your legs from getting too warm. In funky designs, they are a great way to show off your carves and your style.

Long / Full Length

For a warmer, more covered feel, try full length leggings. They’ll give you more space to show off that funky design!

High Waisted

Funky gym leggings with a high waist that covers your belly button are a very popular choice. They’ll bring out all your curves and cinch in your waist.

Low Waisted

If you want more comfort for your stomach, give low waisted leggings a chance. They can be incredibly flattering and often far more comfortable.

Cut Out

Some funky gym leggings feature slits and patterns made out of cuts. Some are mesh-covered while others are left open. These help with breathability, as well as adding some extra style to your work out.


Leggings with pockets are great, funky gym leggings with pockets are incredible. If you’ve ever struggled without a place for your money, keys or phone while you work out, definitely look for a style that features pockets.

Why Are Funky Gym Leggings Popular?

We love to stand out from the pack and wear clothes that make us feel special. Unfortunately, daily life doesn’t always allow us to be so expressive, but when you’re exercising, there are no rules. The gym and your own private exercise spaces are the perfect places to dress a little less seriously.

Let your fun side out with funky patterns, bright colours, and wild prints. Sometimes, we need that boost when it comes to working out. Wearing fun and funky clothes can make us feel more energetic and more motivated to get to the gym.

Why Buy Funky Gym Leggings?

If you’re searching for an easy way to encourage yourself to exercise, look no further than funky gym leggings. Adding a fun, light-hearted vibe to your routine can make all the difference.

Getting excited to show off your new threads will get you into the gym or out on a run faster than any exercise fad could.