Buying the Best Squat Proof Leggings in 2021 - What You Need to Know

If you have ever felt self-conscious at the gym, rest assured you are not alone. Whether you have just started a new exercise routine to fulfil your New Year’s Resolution, or whether you are a seasoned pro with a body to be proud of, anxiety about public display is normal, and wardrobe malfunction certainly doesn’t help. If you have ever walked behind someone wearing pink pants, and only known they were wearing pink pants because the leggings they are wearing are scarily see through you will understand the need for squat proof workout leggings.

Why Are Some Leggings See Through?

The last thing you want, when you bend over in the gym, or anywhere frankly, is to show off your undies, whether they are skimpy Agent Provocateur or Primark tummy holding big pants the world does not need to see them just because you move. If you think that you are flashing the room, would you really want to squat? What it generally means is that cheap material, which is not quite as opaque as you would hope, has been used. Whether this is to save costs or get a specific colour or pattern, the bottom line (excuse the pun) is that you do not want to show your undergarments to a room full of strangers. It is just not a good look, and there is little merit to purchasing leggings that let you down, even if they stay up, and sadly they tend not to wash well, getting more see-through with every spin in the machine.

What Are Squat Proof Leggings?

Now, when it comes to squat proof gym leggings, you can be sure your tushie stays covered. No matter how much you squat, jump, wriggle and run, your pants are never subject to public scrutiny. That is because the fabric used is thicker and has a better elastic quality that moves and stretches without pulling thin and creating a window at the rear. The fact the material is stronger and thicker also means that they fit better and move less. No riding up, no bunching, no uncomfortable wriggling to get them to sit where they belong. A perfect fit that will not let you down. Generally, this higher quality is also going to lead to a longer life, that copes with the rigours of washing and drying without bagging or sagging.

Benefits of Squat Proof Gym Leggings

Believe it or not, feeling confident about the way we look actually aids performance. If you have wardrobe anxiety, you become a wallflower, with smaller movements and a subdued personality. By dressing to impress as it were you also boost your mental attitude, and you will find you can exercise better and longer just because you feel good about how you look in your gym wear. Now, this can only be a good thing, and it will help you smash targets and tick off those resolutions with ease. No need to be paranoid and keep your back to the wall, work the room and squat to your heart’s content!