11 Glam Leopard Print Leggings for Animal Print Fans


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Best Leopard Print Leggings

Why do we wear leopard print? Is it to blend in with our surroundings? To highlight our agility and prowess, like the animal from which the pattern was born? Mostly, no. It’s just a fashion choice. Leopard print clothing actually originated centuries ago, and was traditionally worn by leaders around the Ancient world to showcase their power, confidence, bold reputations, and status.

Today, however, leopard print is primarily found across popular fashion – from the high-end right down to fast and affordable fashion found on every high street.

So, why leopard print leggings?

Though typically associated with sport and exercise, leggings have become probably one of the most popular items in most wardrobes – and successful products on the clothing market – and as such are now available in more colours and patterns than you can imagine.

Fusing together the practical comfort and style of leggings with bold designs is something we are seeing more and more of – and for good reason. Here are 11 of the best products we’ve seen flying about – and what real buyers think of them.

Gold Shimmer Leopard Print High Waisted Leggings

1. Gold Shimmer Leopard High Waisted Leggings

Boasting a high-waisted fit and full-length legs, these leggings offer flexibility and a flattering fit which enhances your natural shape.

Reviewers say that these leggings withstand the transition from street to gym, providing full coverage throughout your routine – from running to weights to squats – and offer a stand out design that gives them the added confidence of knowing they look great!

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2. Baroque Leopard Regular Leggings

These leggings take leopard skin to new extremes, with a unique chain pattern cutting through the design to give your outfit the edge you need.

Pair these leggings with a leather jacket and plain white t-shirt, for an outfit that can take you from day to night with minimum effort, or wear them to the gym – safe in the knowledge that your extreme new leggings will power you through even the toughest of circuits.

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Sandy Leopard Leggings

3. Sandy Leopard Leggings

If blending in is more your thing, then the Sandy Leopard leggings are for you. Created using a paler fabric, these leopard skin leggings go perfectly with denim or a thick woollen jumper, and can be paired with most colours thanks to the toned-down palette used across the design.

One of our favourite things about this pair is its high-waisted design that holds in your stomach and cuts across the ankle right at the bottom; lengthening your legs and giving you a naturally flattering silhouette.

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4. Light Ornate Leopard Leggings

Ornate by name – ornate by nature. For those who know their place in the gym, on the dance floor, or simply walking down the street, these leggings were made just for you.

With the classic leopard print design interspersed with large bronze swirls, these leggings draw attention straight away, and are best worm by those who revel in creating awe wherever they go.

Interlinking two juxtaposing designs gives these leggings an opulence that makes them look far more expensive than they are, while the flattering fit will leave you feeling confident and ready to take on the day.

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Leopard Gold Stripes Leggings

5. Leopard with Gold Stripes Leggings

Typically majestic creatures that stalk the plains of Africa, you won’t be surprised to see the classic print from the leopard emboldened with gold across these leggings.

The long lines down the legs elongate your frame, while the high-waisted design ensures your body is well-compressed throughout the duration of your exercise routine. Often, we have to make the difficult choice between style and comfort; but with these leggings, you’ll find style and comfort come hand in hand.

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Leopard Print With Chains Leggings

6. Leopard Print With Chains Leggings

There’s a lot more to these leggings than just the standard leopard print – and they are all the more coveted for it.

Delicate swirl designs are combined with bold chain prints and distinct patches of leopard print, while the unique mesh of colours draws attention to your legs and emulates confidence with every step.

Pair with a plain t-shirt or sweater for a laid-back daytime look, or with a fitted black top to hit the bars – and if you really want to draw out the leggings’ unique design, a chain necklace will bring the whole look together seamlessly.

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Golden Tropical Leopard Plus Leggings

7. Golden Tropical Leopard Leggings

One of the most popular designs for summer, these leggings offer compression and a secure fit, captured within a jungle print fit for the gym, a holiday hike, or the hotel pool bar.

In contrast to other standard leopard print designs, these high waisted leggings highlight the majesty and beauty of the animal by depicting full leopard images, and withstand everything from squats to sprints or a long distance run – you never know, you may even channel the leopards in your running and hit a new PB!

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8. Dark Ornate Leopard Leggings

This is one of our favourite designs for leopard print evening wear, with the dark print offering a mystery and night-owl influenced prowess that pairs perfectly with your favourite heels and jacket.

Pair these leggings with leather for an edgy look, or soften the outfit with a cardigan or pale denim jacket in the summer months.

If you choose these leggings as part of your gym wardrobe, the flexible fabric allows for comfort across a range of movement and activities, without any of the friction or chafing!

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Sunflower Leopard Leggings

9. Sunflower Leopard Print Leggings

Despite its floral reference, this pair of leggings was not designed for wallflowers.

The bold leopard print contrasts perfectly with the tartan patches, while the sunflower print blends and enhances the colours drawn out from the leopard print, and with a fabric that allows excellent flexibility and breathability for your skin, these leggings are perfect for casual wear and active wear.

They say a leopard will never change its spots, but these leggings say otherwise!

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Dark Gold Leopard High Waisted Leggings

10. Dark Gold Leopard High Waisted Leggings

With a slimline feel which enhances natural curves and skims over the areas you’re not such a fan of, these leggings boast a sophistication that patterned leggings can often lack.

Paired with nude or black heels, the dark gold leopard print stands out elegantly, while the high waisted design offers compression and flexibility that will take you from gym floor to dance floor in seconds.

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Mix Leopard Print Leggings

11. Mix leopard Print High Waisted Leggings

If you want your legs to attract those well-deserved second-glances, these are the leggings for you!

Fine print or large print? Often when it comes to selecting the overall design of a pair of leggings or patterned outfit, we face a choice between the delicacy and detail of a fine print or the bold confidence of a large print. With these leggings- you can have both!

The large print is perfectly broken up with patches of delicate leopard print, seamlessly transitioning between the two in a design that works well from afar and close-up.

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