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Women's Gym Leggings

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Buying the Best Gym Leggings in 2020 - What You Need to Know

Whether you’re training for your third marathon or joining the gym for the first time, wearing the correct attire is vital to your comfort, performance and even your safety. While your top half will invariably change according to the weather and the nature of your workout, gym leggings provide a dependable and comfortable bottom-half that supports your legs, keeps your temperature regulated, and also protects your skin from the elements.

This guide explores the benefits of gym leggings, how to find the best pair, and deals with some of the most commonly asked questions from novices and experienced athletes.

When selecting your ideal pair of gym leggings, the first thing to look for is fit. Ideally your leggings will slide on and become a second skin; reducing wind resistance, increasing your speed, and providing an effective thermo-regulator which both keeps your legs warm and provides ventilation to remove the sweat.

A good fit around the waist will also provide you with the confidence to know your leggings aren’t going anywhere, with the popular high-waist style supporting your waist and enhancing your silhouette – whatever you’re at the gym, on the way to the gym, or simply out for a stroll.

The other benefit that comes from a great-fitting pair of leggings is the support for your legs. Typically made of a spandex-style polyester fabric, gym leggings provide a light layer of compression around your legs, supporting the muscles particularly during high intensity or long-distance activity.

If you’re conscious of how you look when working out, the market for gym leggings is as big as it has ever been right now, with varying styles, shapes and even patterns and designs available at some very affordable price points. Boasting such a lightweight and compact design, gym leggings are the ideal travel companion – and may even motivate you to hit the gym on your next holiday!

What Should I Wear with Gym Leggings?

What clothing you should wear wth leggings depends on the time of year and intensity of the activity you are taking on. For those training outside, layers are recommended to ensure that your body receives enough air and ventilation to keep you cool, while allowing you to cover up once activity has ceased.

Keeping warm even after completing your training is important, as allowing yourself to cool down too quickly can result in soreness.

What Should I Wear under Gym Leggings?

What you should wear under your gym leggings is really a matter of preference, and often the idea of a visible panty line (VPL) can scare people away from gym leggings and towards the comfort of loose-fitting tracksuit bottoms.

The truth is that really, when you’re in the gym or out running around the park, the likelihood is that no one is looking and certainly no one is judging.

For optimum comfort we suggest choosing a full-coverage undergarment that will stay in place, or opting for nothing underneath your leggings.

How Do I Prevent Camel Toe in Gym Leggings?

There are a few tips we can give you to prevent camel toe when wearing leggings, but really the first thing to consider is the fit of your leggings. Too small, and you will find the front riding up every time you move your legs in exercise – but too big and you lose many of the benefits that come with gym leggings.

Avoiding a seam down the front is another way to make sure you don’t get struck down with camel toe, as often the seam creates tension in the fabric and gathers upwards.

On the subject of fabric and the make of your leggings, the weight of the fabric will generally affect its tendency to ride up, so opt for a thicker fabric that is less likely to cling to every bump and crease of your body.

What Material Are Gym Leggings Made From?

The material used in most gym leggings is a polyester fabric, which is durable, lightweight, breathable and non-absorbent – as well as extremely flexible to move freely with your exercises and activities.

How Do You Wash Gym Leggings?

The first and most important thing to note when dealing with gym leggings, is that they should be washed regularly and inside-out. By turning your leggings inside out you are optimising the detergent’s ability to really get stuck in to the part of the leggings which will be covered in sweat, ensuring a thorough clean.

Some users also recommend washing your gym leggings with the addition of a small amount of white vinegar, which is supposed to break down any build up of product and bacteria. Add fabric conditioner to increase the likelihood of a fresh and clean smell, and to keep your workout leggings feeling soft against your skin.

How Tight Should Gym Leggings Be?

Gym leggings should be tight enough to fit across your glutes and thighs snugly, but not so tight that they cut into your waist or continually ride up.

Be aware that over a period of time, frequent wear can cause leggings to wear out and become baggy, so when you find a great looking pair that fit well, invest in a couple of them so that you always have back-up stock when the first pair start to run thin.

A good way to check the fit when trying sports leggings on is to do a few squats in them. If they feel comfortable, you know you’ve got a good pair.

How Do You Stop Gym Leggings from Falling Down?

Finding workout leggings that fit properly will help prevent them falling down while training. This most commonly becomes an issue with ill-fitting leggings, often when the pair you have are too big or else have been worn down by overuse.

Sometimes gym leggings can stretch in the wash if instructions are not followed correctly, so check the labels before you pop your leggings in with the rest of your clothes, and ensure the fit is correct.

Don’t shy away from the correct size just because they fit your legs snugly – this is the point of gym leggings, and sizing up will only cause you more problems during your workout.